TEDxSurabayaSalon: ARTIVISM 

Piknik Seni • in collaboration with Unicorn Creative Space & Oliswel

Pentas Rakyat • in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion Indonesia & The Luntas Indonesia

October 22, 2022 • Piknik Seni: 10.30 - 17.30 WIB • Pentas Rakyat: Start from 19.00 WIB (Surabaya, GMT+7) •

Venue: Unicorn Creative Space

Jl. Rungkut Industri Kidul No.17, Rungkut Kidul, Kec. Rungkut, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60293, Indonesia

TEDxSurabayaSalon: ARTIVISM Presenting ARTIVISM, a concept that combines art and activism. Featuring Artivism activists in Surabaya with one-day various activities. Consisting of a “Piknik Seni”, traveling around Surabaya visiting places related to art and culture, and seeing firsthand the legendary traditional arts of East Java. The event will close with “Pentas Rakyat”, a Ludruk performance with a special message about the climate.

Countdown to Month Date(th), Year

How to register for TEDxSurabayaSalon: ARTIVISM • Piknik Seni


Piknik Seni – IDR 140.000


(Include snack and personalized badge)

Piknik Seni is only for 25 participants

Pentas Rakyat – Free

 Please confirm your registration submission and attendance to the number provided below

Husna +62 851 7237 8919 (WA only) 

Our Collaborators

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Our Collaborators

Here’s your TEDxSurabayaSalon: ARTIVISM itinerary:


Performance Art

Showing traditional arts of East Java which are rarely performed, will be documented and archived as TEDx performance videos.

Studio Visit

Visiting the art studio of an artist from Surabaya to find out how the process of practicing artwork.

Exhibition Tour

Visited two art exhibitions with different themes and venues.


Get creative by making your zine!


Ludrukan Krisis Iklim

Featuring a performance of Ludruk —one of East Java’s traditional arts, packaged in a new style with a climate crisis campaign.