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TEDxSurabayaSalon: DIVERCITY

September 24, 2022 • 15.30 WIB (Surabaya, GMT+7) •
Venue: Meeting Room 10-11,The Westin
Pakuwon Mall Jalan, Jl. Raya Lontar No.2, Puncak Indah, Surabaya City, East Java 60216

TEDxSurabayaSalon: DIVERCITY Proudly present our insightful event DIVERCITY that talks about various communities, especially in Surabaya, to express diversity in many perspectives. Gain insights and experience the color of diversity!

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Our Speaker

Novi Basuki

Sometimes the unimaginable things may turn out to be truly fascinating. As in the case of Novi Basuki, also known as Wang Xiaoming (王小明), an author who was born in Situbondo, precisely near the Mount Argopuro’s slopes. Raised from a Muslim background. He never expects to have an interest about China. Started out from the Mandarin Language subjects that he loved at the Pesantren. He senses China as a captivating country. Based on that interest, he continued his studies for a bachelor and magister degree at Huaqiao University and Xiamen University. Now, pursuing his doctorate at Sun Yat-Sen University.

Spending ten years in China, he avidly writes about issues in that country, and put it print to several publishers, like KOMPAS, Jawa Pos, Harian DI’s Way, Media Indonesia, tirto.id, detik.com, kumparan.com, historia.id, and mojok.co.

Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji

Our hobbies and the sports that we see on TV may shape our identity. Born and raised in Surabaya, Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji has been a dedicated fan for Persebaya in many football matches since he was a kid. Growing up, Rojil studied history at Airlangga University in 2009. After completing his undergraduate studies, he continued his studies to earn a Magister degree major in the History Studies at Gadjah Mada University Postgraduate and completed in 2013.

His curiosity about sports led him to write many articles and books related to the history of football in Indonesia, one of the topics related to the influence of Chinese Surabaya people in the development of the sports in Surabaya. Rojil’s interest in writing allowed him to grow and then develop his opinion for reviews in the mass media; Jawa Pos, Kompas, Sindo, Surya and Jakarta Newspapers. Later he worked as a writer at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia (2009-2010), and became a History and Humanities teacher at the Ciputra School Surabaya (2012). He is now a History Education lecturer at the University of Surabaya.

Feby Damayanti

To know someone, we need an identity. This is reflected in Feby Damayanti, an activist of the Perwakos Surabaya or the Surabaya Transgender Association, a non-governmental organization that advocates equal human rights for all Indonesian citizens, including transgender people. She is a transgender and actively educates other transgender fellows in Surabaya about the importance of sexual health education. She is also a reformer who has led an active movement in raising awareness the significant value of identity avowal for all Indonesian citizens.

Our Performer

Syska La Veggie

Every citizen, regardless of their gender, has the right to engage in arts activity with freedom. Syska Liana or also known as Syska La Veggie is one of visual artists with various mediums, such as: painting, drawing, embroidery, printmaking, mix-media, video, to performance art. Syska is also often involved in managing various art projects and initiating several program activities. Often invited as a facilitator or presenter in various seminars, discussions, and workshops, on art and gender issues.

Since the beginning of time, women have carried the world on their shoulders. Together with several female artists in East Java, Syska runs the Perempuan Pengkaji Seni, as a platform for women in conveying their perspectives through art, also being present to build an art ecosystem that is more critical, diverse, and equal in the context of gender justice. Syska serves as Program Director for the East Java Biennale VII & IX, Head of the “International Women’s Day Surabaya” movement.

Our Partners

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Our Partners

Here’s what to expect at TEDxSurabayaSalon: DIVERCITY

Three sessions of TEDxTalks

Insightful talks from communities to express the diversity of Surabaya in many perspectives.

Performance Art

An exceptional art performance by an art activist of East Java.

Xperience Sessions

Experience the ambience of the event and mingle with like-minded TEDxers  through conversations and  fun games.

Good Food, Good Friends

Broaden your network and interact with each other. Light snacks will be provided as your companion.