TEDxSurabayaSalon: EDUACTION

August 20th, 2022 • 09:30 WIB (Surabaya, GMT+7) •
Venue: Unicorn Extension (National Lasik Center)
Jl. Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno No.41, Mulyorejo, Kec. Mulyorejo, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60115

TEDxSurabayaSalon: EDUACTION Introducing literacy activists in the city of Surabaya from several perspectives: the involvement of independent libraries; non-governmental organizations that focus on environmental education; and the important roles in building children’s interest in literacy starting from an early age.

How to register for TEDxSurabayaSalon: EDUACTION


IDR 35.000

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Husna +62 851 7237 8919 (WA only) 

Our Speaker

Satria Dwi Pamungkas

Satria Dwi Pamungkas is the leader of Sahabat Medayu Agung Community. This community is a manifestation of a Medayu Agung Foundation’s ideas to establish Medayu Agung Library as a source of literation that is accessible to the public.

Medayu Agung Library and Sahabat Medayu Agung Community concern about the public awareness toward literacy. They have committed to spread the importance of having proper literacy education for the society.⁣⁣

Nabila Budayana

Nabila Budayana has been a novelist of fiction and non-fiction books since 2011. One of her works is a children book called “Nisa, Elang, dan Tembok Berlubang” which got awarded by Dewan Kesenian Jakarta as a runner-up winner in 2019.

Besides her work as a novelist, Nabila is also the co-founder of Klub Literasi Anak which was founded along with her friends back in 2015. This community is built to solve the problem of Indonesia’s low literacy rate, especially our nation’s children who are going to be the future changemaker and potentially contribute to the growth of our country. ⁣⁣

Our Partners

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Logo NLC National Lasik Center

Two sessions of TEDxTalks

Ideas from speakers about the growth in education and literacy in the City of Surabaya, also about the actions they have taken.


Watching the TEDx Talks performances then followed by an open discussion session.

Xperience Sessions

Educational tour at the National Lasik Center area and get a free eye test.

Good Food, Good Friends

Meet new friends and interact with each other, light snacks will be provided as your mingle companion.