TEDxJalanTunjungan: Behind The Scene – Beneath The Sight

December 8th, 2018 • Gedung Amerta - Universitas Airlangga Kampus C, Surabaya

Everything on the earth hides astonished grand design. These are the things that magnificently lead to change the world.

Inspired by the constant change in the world, our TEDxJalanTunjungan event this year is based on how people are designing, constructing, and influential to other people, places, and the digital and physical world around them in new, exciting, and innovative ways!

TEDxJalanTunjungan is featuring esteemed speakers in diverse fields to share their perspectives and experiences for a better meaningful life.

Our Speakers

Takim, Founder Deaf Expressive, The Silence Trouper

Deaf Expressive was started in Bojonegoro, East Java, and it was organized by Takim. This community works on pantomime that is performed by deaf mimers. For Takim, their disability will not limit them to express themselves nor changing their existence as human being.

Astrid Sartiasari, Singer, Preneur Artist

Astrid Sartiasari, often known as “Astrid”, is a national pop star who has been in the music industry since 2003 until these days. The song “Jadikan Aku Yang Kedua” (Make Me the Second) became a national hit single in 2007, and continued with success through various collaborations as well as singles like “Tentang Rasa” (About Taste).

Mr. Doddy, One Finger Jazz Ranger

His love to Jazz genre of guitar music has led Doddy Hernanto to get the title of “The World Best Guitar Producer” by “Guitar Planet” in 2012. In creating more Jazz music, he never gives up to embrace the traditional touch (Heritage Jazz) as well as innovating the line of Gadget Guitar and Guihapulele (guitar, harp, ukulele, washboard, and kalimba) which is played by a Canadian music group called “Walk of The Earth” this year.

Margaretha, Psychology, Mind Healer

The bombing in Surabaya on May 2018 tried to create the sense of terror in Indonesia. Experienced in the field of forensic psychology, Margaretha was called to respond by helping the trauma victims recovery. With her experience and analysis will provide deeper knowledge about responses to shock and threats.

Hestin Klaas, Society Developer

With her experience and her passion as development worker in international organizations such as Swisscontact,United Nations, Samaras Aid Appeal and many more, Hestin Klaas stepped up to be the Team Leader of Moringa Project at Wahana Visi Indonesia. Her works focus on the people empowerment at East Nusa Tenggara.

Irzan Raditya, CEO & Co-Founder of Kata.AI, Future Builder

Kata.AI is a smart chatbot platform, developed by local talents. Its purpose is to connect the companies and their million customers by using the advances technology of artificial intelligence.

Aryya Sanggra, Surabaya Beatbox Community, Dr. Beats

Beatboxing first as a hobby, this group then growing larger as a place for Surabaya youth who are passionate in beatbox. They started their journey since 2010, and until now they’re no stranger in any local events in Surabaya, performing as a participant or as a guest in national TV stations.

Toetik Koeasbardiati, Paleolithic Dentist

Not many women are interested in pursuing a profession as a forensic expert who must struggle with the bodies of the dead, but is different from Toetik Koesbardiati. For a dozen years, she has been part of the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Indonesia team.

Erick Karya, Founder Mata Kota

“Mata Kota” (means Eyes of the City) has a vision of giving a chance of real-time information sharing to people and the governement. This startup received their funding from angel investors and relying on IoT (Internet of Things) equipments and mobile apps to build a Smart City society.

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