TEDxSurabaya: WANI! 

December 10, 2022 • 10:00 WIB (Surabaya, GMT+7) •

Venue: Balai Pemuda Surabaya, Gedung Merah Putih

Jl. Gubernur Suryo No.15, Embong Kaliasin, Kec. Genteng, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60271

A boldness spirit that is attached to Surabaya people for many years. This audacity now brings toward humanism and sustainability. So… what now? At this year’s triumphantly TEDxSurabaya, we’ll hear from speakers who are imagining new possibilities and exploring new ideas for how we might live and work better together in the years to come. We’ll learn the “bravery” in fields including design, technology, science and culture —and together, we’ll envision a future we can build together.

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Our Speakers

Sesilia Wenas
Sesilia Wenas

The Angelic Voice

Sesilia Wenas is a singer, wife, project manager, and also founder of Bimala and Alderamin Music, a group of musicians who just released a new single called Supernova. As a multiskilled woman, she enjoys her life by singing from place to place and building her authentic identity by breaking the society standards that women better stay at home and bury all their dreams, one of whom became a singer.

Nuning Septiana
Nuning Septiana 
The Intelligent Heroine

Nuning Septiana is the co-founder of Kasir Pintar, a digital startup focused on empowering small to medium enterprises by providing a platform that replaces a desktop-based cashier system with a mobile application. By developing an easier and more economical cashier system for merchants, she has the vision to build more advanced business ecosystems, especially for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). ⁣⁣

Rico Tedyono
Rico Tedyono

Knight of Hope

Rico Tedyono is a CoFounder & COO of Komunal Fintech, the first Indonesian Neo Rural Bank Company that develops a platform that enables 1500 rural banks (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat/BPR) across the country to source deposits digitally and connects MSMEs with various lenders to drive financial inclusions. By connecting potential MSMEs who need funds with trusted lenders, Komunal has a mission to support Indonesian economic growth by providing transparent, safe, and convenient loans and funding for both parties.


The Light of Art

Alfajr Xgo Wiratama, a.k.a Xgo is a visual artist based in Surabaya who founded Serikat Mural Surabaya (SMS), an association of street artists from Surabaya and the surrounding area who work in various art fields, including graffiti, murals, graphic design, comic, and illustration. To support his art realm, he also manages an art studio that actively organizes creative art activities & urban art exhibitions called Bunuhdiri Studio.

Celia Siura
Celia Siura
The Crystal of the Sea

Celia Siura, a diver, surfer, and COO of Common Seas Indonesia, a not-for-profit enterprise on a mission to drastically reduce the amount of plastic produced and prevent it from polluting our rivers and seas. She spends a lot of time in the ocean and believes that a healthy sea can be achieved by investing in the circular economy and addressing the source of the most plastic pollution.

Anitha Silvia
Anitha Silvia

The Urban Researcher

Anitha Silvia is a researcher, who lives and works in Surabaya. She works as a research assistant for Marco Kusumawijaya’s upcoming book about cities in Indonesia. She also a member of Indonesia Netaudio Forum and Kwangsan Kunstkring and Silampukau’s band manager. Together with a graphic designer, architect, and statistician, she initiated walking and counter-mapping projects in Surabaya, Pertigaan Map, and Suroboyo Ngalor Ngidul.

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Your Conference Experience

Here’s what to expect at 
TEDxSurabaya WANI!


Explore new interests through deep-dive workshops.
Facilitators: Dewaweb, incendio.id

Xperience session

Connect with the craftsmen and changemakers through experiences and interactions.

Fireside Chat

Enjoy the intense discussion and debates with the experts.
Panelists Line Up: Go Forward, Garda Pangan, Fashion Design and Textile Program of Petra Christian University

Two sessions of TEDx Talks

Two sessions of TEDx famous talks, plus performances, and other surprises

TED 2022 Live Stream

Yes, you got it right! Live from TED Theater in Vancouver, Canada. It’s the newborn ideas from every corner of the world!

Good Food, Good Friends

Meet new friends and interact with each other, light snacks will be provided as your mingle companion.


Get the access to connect with like-minded TEDxers, speakers, partners, and more