TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen: Make It Matter

December 14th, 2019 • 09:00 - 15:30 WIB • Spazio Tower 1st Floor, Surabaya

TEDxWomen is a place to move the conversation about the importance of girls and women power in creating a change in a meaningful way.

The first-ever TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen is coming. In this digital era, the conversation about an inappreciable topic is somehow underestimated by certain people. Some people voice the importance of a taboo discussion but some other laugh at it. Therefore, we want to share the idea of an unpopular concern and make it matter!

TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen is featuring esteemed speakers in diverse fields to share their perspectives and experiences about two topics: Sex education and gender equality

Our Speakers

Mira Sahid, Content Creator & Digital Literacy Enthusiast

A mother of two kids, Mira Sahid is an active blogger and digital literacy enthusiast. She is the founder of Emak Emak Blogger which currently has thousands of members across Indonesia. For her, not only the children but also “emak” – or “ibu” in the Indonesian language – has a pivotal role in the digital world, acting as both consumer and creator.

She is also the vice chairwoman of the partnership and community development sector in Siberkreasi. She believes that her passion in creating creative content could spread positive energy to other emak in Indonesia. ⁣⁣

Gina S. Noer, Screenwriter & Producer

Gina S. Noer is a prominent screenwriter and producer in Indonesia whom has been involved in many successful and popular films. She also co-founded Wahana Kreator , an aspiring story development company and production house.

This year, she made a breakthrough in her filmmaking career by writing and directing a movie named “Dua Garis Biru”. This movie portrayed the low of sex education in Indonesia, how one act can affect the whole family. Also, during the time its stimulated conversations in public, most of them are criticisms from a certain group because of its controversial and taboo matters. Even so, this movie successfully delivers an important message of sex education to young people.

Evrina Budiastuti, Blogger & Agricultural Extension Officer

Indonesia is well known globally for our rich soil and biodiversity. As a nation we are blessed with myriads of resources, and yet we still fail to manage the unlimited potential of our agriculture industry. From cultural and generational shift, slow technology adoption to corruption, we find many obstacles that cause our inability to harvest and sell high quality produce to consumers. To fix these, policymakers were able to address some problems in the macro level but they seem to forget that some problems require micro-level solutions.

This is where Ms. Evrina comes in. As a civil servant in Penyuluh Pertanian Kabupaten Bogor, she directly helps farmers to market their produce, process low quality harvest and to adopt technology in the process. Her work doesn’t stop there. She also actively writes their progress in Kementrian Pertanian and her private blog to raise public awareness of the current situation of Indonesia’s farmers on the field and the solutions she has implemented in hope to create a ripple effect.

Carla Felany, Long Distance Runners, Charity Run Enthusiast

What should I talk about when I talk about running? it’s a question runners often ask themselves. At first, running was just about weight loss for Ms. Carla Felany, until it’s not anymore. By running she was able to unfold her real self by pushing herself to the unknown. From fun run to ultrarunning, she keeps pushing herself to understand her limit as a human.

But did she stop there? being a mother of two, one with special needs, one day she thought ‘how can running be beneficial not only for myaelf? but for others too?’. She decided to join Indonesia’s famous ultramarathon charity event since 2016. After running 145 KM from Cirebon to Purwokerto, she’s hooked to run a lot more Charity Runs. She ran from Purwokerto to Dieng (127,9 KM), Wonosobo to Kidul (169 KM), Jogja to Semarang (150KM), Denpasar to Tabanan (150 KM) in order to give more to others, especially to women and children. This November, she will be running from Aceh to Melaboh (250KM) and Gn Kidul to Ponorogo (133KM) as her last marathon for this year. 

Jarwo Susanto, Local Food Business Owner

How does living in a prostitution neighborhood feels like? Living in there ever since he was a child, Bang Jarwo knew the day-and-night life in Dolly, the ex-biggest prostitution area in Southeast Asia. He met many kinds of people in his small coffee stall (warkop) in the area.
For him, Dolly is a source of living. Knowing the area will be shut down one day, he is against the idea. Eventhough he lost his coffee stall, now he manages to change his life into a more positive by growing his new business called Tempe Bang Jarwo.

Rido Kurnianto, Traditional Culture Observer

Java has a rich and diverse culture attached to its people. Surrounded by magical elements, Reog is one of the most-protected traditional culture by Ponorogo citizens.

As a native Ponorogo, Rido Kurnianto devoted his time to research the behind-the-scene of Reog Ponorogo. He has unfolded the history, value, and evolution of this world-renowned tradition.

Kuswanto (Cak Lupus "Arboyo"), Ludruk Performer

If you’ve lived in East Java for years, you might be familiar with the word Ludruk. However, do you even know what Ludruk really is, besides knowing that it’s some kind of a performance art? Do you know how many acts does a single Ludruk show consist of? You can find out about these and more at TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen: Make it Matter! with Cak Lupus from Arboyo collective.

Cak Lupus leads a collective called Arboyo (Arek Suroboyo) and they usually perform live at the famous Cak Durasim theater. The group consists of young performers under the age of 30. They focus solely on Ludruk and they’ve been trying to innovate and modernize Ludruk to make it more familiar to younger audiences in the hope that they will be interested to take part in making sure that Ludruk as a traditional art form has a future.

Nyi Dwi Puspita Ningrum, Traditional Performance Artist

As the effect of globalization spreads, many of Indonesia’s youth tend to forget that our nation is rich in culture. Most of them are exposed to globally acclaimed pop culture that resulted in the lack of interest in the local culture. This lack of interest is endangering the sustainability of certain local acts, but fortunately some are still able to sustain thanks to successors like Nyi Dwi Puspita Ningrum.

Being a daughter of a notable Dalang in Purworejo, Puspita was introduced to the traditional Javanese arts from an early age. As a child she rigorously watched her father’s movements while telling the story of Wayang characters on stage. She got to learn directly from him and eventually she followed her father’s path. The profession of a Dalang is male-dominated, so it is no surprise that Puspita’s passion and aspiration in becoming a Dalang met many challenges and mockery. She realized that she needed to break the status quo. What did she do to achieve her dream of becoming a Dalang?

Your Conference Experience

Here’s what to expect at TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen: Make It Matter

Two sessions of TEDx Talks

Two sessions of TED-like experience with total 8 curated live speaker and performers completed with video screening from the main stage TEDWomen

Networking Session

Regardless of the gender, have a conversation with people from diverse background. Surround yourself with a bounce of exciting field with the same purpose: learn from the ideas.

Xperiences Area

Interactive area to get a closer look to innovation from local talents. A combination of games, mini workshop, and creative display.

Food & Drinks Area

A rich-taste of Indonesian foods and beverages to boost your day after hours of absorbing the insight from the talks.