TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen: What Now?

December 11th, 2021 • 10:50 WIB (Surabaya, GMT+7) • Zoom Meeting

TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen is a place to move the conversation about the importance of girls and women power in creating a change with a meaningful way.

For TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen in 2021, we specifically are going to talk about sustainability based on our essential needs; clothing, food and shelter in women’s perspectives.

TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen will be coming soon on December 2021.

Our Speakers

Vania Santoso, Social Fairy, Co-Founder of heySTARTIC, Artistic Eco-Fashion

Our living in the future is not guaranteed by itself. Together we must be a part of the support-system for the environment we live in and the society we live with.

Vania invites us to realize that communication could become the foremost bridge for society development. Her enthusiasm about social innovation to promote sustainable fashion also motivated her to create heySTARTIC. For sure, you are invited to listen to her story. How does Vania make it? What will we learn? What will Vania share on her journey to promote sustainable fashion?

Sometimes, a small impetus has magnificent impacts for us, including Tan Novita. Even though it takes process, sweat, and challenge, it will be beautiful and worthwhile. She has dreams to empower the community and the environment, bring positive things, along with her passion for the waste system and recycling.

In order to make it happen, she established Rebricks; a locus that does “wizardry process” for the rejected plastics. It is also her move to contribute and encourage people to be more aware about the environment, especially as a woman. In addition, it leads her to be a mentor to other fellow women ecopreneurs in pursuing them to be more developed.

Your Conference Experience

Here’s what to expect at TEDxJalanTunjunganWomen: What Now?

Three sessions of TEDx Talks

Three sessions of TEDx famous talks, plus performances, interviews and other surprises

Comfortable simulcast spaces

Watch, tweet, blog as you watch onscreen… and connect around powerful ideas

Fireside Breakout

Enjoy the intense discussion and debates with the experts.

Panelists Line Up: Wida Winarno (Tempe Movement), Annisa Pratiwi (Ladang Lima), Dinda Pramesti (Lazy Susan)

Xperience Sessions

Explore new interests and connect with like-minded TEDxers through deep-dive workshops and experiences.

Facilitators: Sunway Medical Centre (Malaysia), Undisputed Poetry x Keliling Art Space (Surabaya), BASAibu Wiki (Bali), and Yoga Gembira Surabaya

TED Women 2021 Live Stream

Yes, you got it right! Live from Palm Spring, CA (USA). It’s the newborn ideas from every corner of the world!